Red Cross Shelter opens at Ed Rice Community Center

By Nick Kenney - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Five days after floodwaters swamped their neighborhood, residents of a Memphis trailer park are still fighting the mess.

The Pedraza family spent Thursday morning out of their mobile home with no plans to move back in.

"We're moving," Sheila Pedraza said. "We're going to Brighton."

In flooding over the weekend and early this week, the family's mobile home took on 18 inches of floodwater.

"I'm just glad everybody made it out," Santos Pedraza said.

The Pedraza's are just one of many families whose homes were ruined inside Memphis Mobile City trailer park during Saturday's rainfall and the subsequent flooding.

Thursday, clean-up crews continued to attack the problem.

The power of the water was immense.  As crews cleaned, an empty slab marked where one mobile home sat before it was picked up by the water, carried across the street, and slammed into a minivan.

Because so many of the homes remain uninhabitable, the Ed Rice Community Center is acting as a Red Cross Shelter.

"Our shelters will stay open as long as there is a true need," said Barbara Behling or the Red Cross.

Primarily, the shelter is serving those from Mobile City, like the Pedraza family, who have nowhere else to go.

"The mattresses, yeah, they're ruined," Sheila Pedraza said. "My bed. The furniture."

The Red Cross expects the count to go down tonight, however, they are still expecting several dozen to show up for shelter.

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