Trailer park residents claim they are having trouble getting deposits back

By Anna Marie Hartman - bio | email

MILLINGTON, TN (WMC-TV) - Residents of a Millington trailer park say they are having trouble getting their deposits back.

Friday, Dick Moore, owner of the Shady Oaks Trailer Park, said it may take weeks, but residents will be able to come home to flood damaged Shady Oaks Mobile Home and RV park.  

"I got 40 of them right now on a waiting list that want to come back," he said.

But Jim McAfee isn't one of them.  Friday, he planned to clear out his trailer on Dale Road, but cleaning crews beat him to it.

"There wasn't a lot in there that I could have salvaged, but there was some stuff that I was planning on getting to tomorrow, and now its torn up," he said.

McAfee isn't the only disgruntled flood victim.

"Shady Oaks is starting to move. They want to move. They want to move their people back in again. They're gonna give people 200 dollar deposits if they go in there and clean up that mess," resident Kim Pennington said.

But Moore says he doesn't expect tenants to repair flood damage. Rather, he just wants them to clear out their personal property.  

"So that we can then pull out the wet carpet, they gotta get their own stuff out," he said.

Moore plans to replace some of the oldest mobile homes with much newer ones.  And, despite rumors, he has no plans to bulldoze the property.

"They wouldn't let me bulldoze," he said. "This park - there's a mortgage."

Moore said most of his former tenants don't blame him for their misfortune.  

"Most of them understand," he said. "You know, this is nobody's fault. Mother Nature did this."

Moore doesn't just own mobile home parks; he also sells mobile homes and RV's.  

Some residents are wary he is using the disaster to boost commercial sales.  But Moore said he will take a loss on Shady Oaks, because his insurance coverage is well below the cost of building back.

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