Man accused of trying to steal Elvis's body on a new mission for justice

By Jason Miles - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Ron Tyler's mother was murdered in 1992 during a home invasion in a Dallas suburb.  Three of his children were shot.

"My children need justice," said Tyler.

Last year, Tyler happened to be watching an episode of "The First 48" taped in his old hometown of Memphis.

That was when the former bail bondsman recognized a man from his past.  It was a man he suspected of killing his mother after a dispute over a bond.

"I actually think that Clarence Bailey is the one who pulled the trigger on my mother," said Tyler.

Clarence Bailey, 42, has yet to be extradited to Texas, despite an active warrant and nearly a dozen hearings.

"I feel like if Tennessee can't get him over here we'll all load up a judge over here, a couple of prosecutors, go across that Mississippi River and I'll pay the freight," said Tyler.

It was on the Tennessee side of the Mississippi in 1977 when Tyler himself was accused, but never charged, with trying to steal Elvis Presley's body soon after the singer's death.

At the time, "The King's" final resting spot was in a mausoleum at Forest Hill Cemetery.

Tyler later said it was part of a scheme hatched by Presley's father who was initially denied permission to bury Elvis at Graceland.

More than 30 years later, Ron Tyler wonders why it is so difficult moving Clarence Bailey's body from a jail cell to a Texas courtroom.

"If the jury finds him innocent, I'll pay the freight," said Tyler, "put him on a bus and send him back to Memphis."

Bailey's attorney is fighting extradition on behalf of his client.  He said another hearing is set for Monday.

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