Preferred Customer Agreements (PCA)

Preventative Maintenance keeps your system running at peak performance for trouble free efficiency.

Our inspection and cleaning includes the following:

Spring PCA

Fall PCA

  • condenser coil cleaning
  • checking refrigerant pressures
  • cleaning of condensate drains
  • testing of starting capabilities
  • oiling fan motor(s)
  • inspecting & adjusting blower components
  • monitoring of voltage/amperage
  • tightening the electrical connections
  • lubricating moving parts
  • cleaning or replacing air filters
  • heating & cooling capabilities
  • calibrating thermostats
  • testing & adjusting safety controls
  • monitoring & adjusting gas pressure

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The PCA includes two service visits (unless otherwise notified) and free Video Duct Inspection.

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Don't wait until your cooling or heating system breaks down and leaves you miserable. Set up your appointment for your pre-season maintenance check!!

To help further improve the maintenance and quaility of clean air and better air flow Choates can now offer the service of Air Duct Cleaning.

Things Home Owners Should Know

Click Here to view a video on York's website about things homeowners should know.