Sheet Metal Fabrication

One of the many things that sets Choate's Air Conditioning & Heating apart from other companies is our sheetmetal shop. When other companies have to locate and purchase their products, we have ours on standby ready to go. We've found that having our own shop has helped our customers by saving them money, customizing to their needs, and the surety that it is done right.

Lower Cost 

  • No Middle Man
  • No Delivery fee

 Customize Ductwork

  • All kinds of Supply and Return Plenums
  • Filter Chambers
  • Transitions
  • Drop Plenums
  • All kinds Covers
  • etc.

Done Right 

Since we are the people that make it, our reputation is on the line to provide a perfect product.

When it comes to any home, whether it is new construction or a change out, our sheet metal shop allows us to adapt to any size of duct work required for the job. When our customer is building their own house, sometimes standard size duct-work just won't cut it. Our company has the knowledge and flexiblity to do the job right.

We can offer customized projects pertaining to hardpipe ductwork, plenums, filter chambers, transitions, etc.