Walkers happy to be back inside Hickory Ridge Mall

By Ben Watson - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - When World Overcomers Church re-opened Hickory Ridge Mall last month, they also restarted a popular pastime for area residents.

A couple of hours before the Hickory Ridge Mall opens for business, the squeaking shoes of dozens of mall walkers echo through the empty building.

"It's real easy," mall walker D. P. Ship said Monday. "It makes you feel better."

Ship walks often with his wife Helen.

"We just decided that it would be good for our health," Helen Shipp said.

And that's how a lot of the mall walkers see it. Some take their laps slow, while others go fast.

"I try to get around it in about 30 minutes," mall walker Dorothy Matthews said.

Many of the walkers used the building for their morning strolls before a tornado slammed into the mall, damaging the building.  The walkers are happy the mall re-opened again.

"Since I drop off my baby across the street, this is more convenient for me to walk over here," Matthews said.

"It's nice, its clean, and there is a lot of security," walker Jim Wardlaw added.

Walkers say you can get a lot more than exercise here the Hickory Ridge Mall, which is also an excellent place to socialize.

"As a matter of fact, there was a large crowd of us that, after we walked, we stopped and talked politics and things of that sort," Wardlaw said.

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