'Cracker Rapper' hopes to dispel notions with new video

Scene from the video.
Scene from the video.

By Nick Kenney - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A Memphis man who made his fortune as a banker now proclaims himself as the Middle Age Cracker Rapper, and says he has a trophy wife to prove it.

Stuart McGehee is a former investment banker turned self-proclaimed 'Middle Aged Cracker Rapper' who gained notoriety on YouTube in his first video, titled "Superb."

Now, you can find both McGehee and Memphis rapper Al Kapone in a new video, called 'Trophy Wife.'

The pair connected through a mutual friend.

"We had dinner," McGehee said. "Talked about a few things. Floated the idea of maybe collaborating on a song."

If you search for the term "Trophy Wife on Google, you'll likely find derogatory words like status symbol, gold digger, and sugar daddy.  McGehee says his goal with this latest song and video is to dispel those notions.

"You could be 70 years old and in a marriage for 35 years, and to you, that's still your trophy wife," he said.

McGehee also hopes to drive traffic to his website, RichnessofExperiences.com.  The website has changed over time.  McGehee still seeks user generated content, though no necessarily Bucket Lists.  McGehee's site has received visits from 58 different countries, and receives tens of thousands of page views each month.

Traffic always spikes when a new video hits the web.

"The power of the internet and our ability to harness that is still kind of in phase one," he said. "We still believe we can build a community of folks who share in the joy of rich life experiences."

McGehee's website asks contributors to share rich life experiences, as he shares his experiences by making rap music and videos.

You can check out the site yourself by here: http://www.richnessofexperiences.com

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