Thabeet Punches Out Singer in Tanzania

It's no secret the Memphis Grizzlies have been trying to Light a Fire under last seasons' Top Draft Pick Hasheem Thabeet..

Maybe it's working, although not quite the way they envisioned it.

And this one's kind of hard to believe..

The Website reports Thabeet got into it with an R&B Singer named T.I.D. NOT T.I., mind you.. but T.I.D. outside a Tanzanian Nightclub over the Weekend..and the 7'3" Thabeet decked him with a left hook that left the singer unconscious for a few minutes.

The Website says, according to eyewitnesses, the singers' Lady Friend went to greet Thabeet, and T.I.D. Didn't like it, and tried to create a scene.

That's when reports -quote-, "the 7-Foot Big Man Bounced him like a Basketball." -end quote-.

No Charges have been filed.

The Website reports T.I.D. Recently went to Prison for Assault.

Thabeet, who was mostly mild mannered during his Rookie Season, did respond when provoked by Matt Barnes when Memphis played at Orlando late in the Season..

The near melee resulted in Barnes being ejected.

Thabeet received a Technical Foul.