Special Report: Training Day - Anti-terror training in the Mid-South

By Andrew Douglas - bio | email

HOLLY SPRINGS, MS (WMC-TV) - An elite training facility in Holly Springs has become a front line in the war on terror.  Off a dirt road in a restricted area, some of the most specialized and intense anti-terror training in the world takes place.

Jamie Smith, a Mid-South native, is the brains behind SCG international. Smith is also a former Army and CIA officer, who only hires instructors actively involved nationally or internationally in the war on terror.

"We're here at this facility to solve real world tactical problems that law enforcement and military face," Smith said.

And much of that problem-solving and training is conducted in SCG's Holly Springs facility, a 5,000 square foot building set up with a mock living room, classroom, jail, cafe, bathroom, and hotel rooms.

There's even an airplane.

"It's there to teach men and women how to work together in one of the most deadly forms of fighting, which is close combat in small spaces," Smith said.

For most people, training begins with an intense course on how to shoot accurately.  After several training scenarios that require accurate shooting, students move to training in the mock living space of the "shoot house".

"Our techniques and tactics are validated by three questions that we ask," Smith said. "Will it work, is it necessary, and can I do it under stress?"

In another high-risk situation, a hijacking, training focuses on how to be effective in a confined space that is 35,000 feet in the air.

"We provide a level and a quality of training of law enforcement that has not been seen at this level in the Mid-South," Smith said.

SCG International plans to expand its Holly Springs facility over the next year by building a Middle East village that spans nine city blocks.  The company currently has six offices around the world including Paraguay, Sudan and Afghanistan.

To visit SCG International's website, click here.

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