Memphis woman catches MATA bus driver sleeping in bus on street

By Anna Marie Hartman - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Residents of a Memphis neighborhood are upset that MATA bus drivers park on their streets.

Jerry Greger said MATA buses park right outside her home everyday.  She said she is fed up with the noise, the exhaust and what she considers a danger to the neighborhood.

Greger said that starting at 6:30 every morning, MATA bus drivers park and leave the engine running every hour near her home just off Summer.

"It's obviously a two-lane road," Greger said.  "I can't park here and neither can you, but why is it that a huge bus can?"

Residents on Tutwiler struggled to safely make their way around parked buses.

"I've been dealing with it for all these years," Greger said, "and until it got to the point where I was almost injured in a car accident because of the bus, that's when I started paying attention."

Greger then started her own video collection.  Last week, she videotaped a driver sleeping in a passenger seat while the bus was running.  She said she complained to MATA and their drivers.

"Two of the tree times the driver became irate with me," Greger said.

A MATA spokesperson said the bus drivers are actually instructed to park on the street.  The road is the end of the line for route 35.  Drivers are allowed to stop on Tutwiler for three to five minutes and rest before they start their route over.

In August, route 35 will be changing and Greger's street will no longer be the end of the line.

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