Controversial club kicked out of Beale Street location

By Lori Brown - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - The owner of a Beale Street building is kicking out a controversial night club.  The Plush Club was in the process of being evicted from the corner of Beale and Fourth Friday, after a weekend brawl outside the building.

George Miller, who leases his building to The Plush Club, says in recent years it has turned into the rough club.

"The clientele has deteriorated, I feel like, and my board feels like, to the point where we feel like we have no choice left," Miler said Friday.

For Miller, the fight outside the building last weekend was the last straw. Memphis police say four police officers were injured during the fight, which involved 100 people.

"Who's next?" Miller asked "If you don't have the police being safe, how can you have safety for customers?"

Miller says the owner of The Plush Club, Kris Perkins, owes him nearly $80,000.  

Miller Memphis Incorporated filed a suit this week to shut down the club.  A judge granted a restraining order to prevent Perkins from removing any fixtures from the club, but the club can still stay open while the lawsuit is pending.

The fight last weekend was far from the first outside The Plush Club.  Police say five teens were shot in a large crowd gathered near The Plush Club during the Forth of July weekend last year.  A video on Plush Club's website in July advertised intense security on the inside of the club.

"But from the moment you walk through the doors, you start feeling safe," a person in the video says.

We couldn't reach Perkins for comment Friday, but in a July 17, 2009 interview, he said the club is unfairly used as a landmark when bad things happen at Fourth and Beale.

"The shooting didn't happen at The Plush Club or near The Plush Club," he said.

Ultimately, a judge will be the one to decide if the Plush Club stays or goes. A hearing in the case is scheduled for May 26.

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