Passenger detained at Memphis airport after bag triggers alarm

By Nick Kenney - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Investigators questioned an air traveler Friday at Memphis International Airport after a suspicious device was discovered in his bag.

According to officials, the air traveler checked a bag in Tulsa, Oklahoma that raised suspicion.  Security at Tulsa International Airport said the bag sounded an explosives detection machine's alarm. Security screeners in Tulsa checked the bag and cleared it for flight.

Because of the heightened security, the bag was not cleared in time to make its scheduled flight.  Meanwhile, the bag's owner flew to Memphis, unaware of what was happening.

Out of due diligence, a TSA spokesperson said, security officials decided to interview the bag's owner upon his landing in Memphis. The plane, a Delta flight operated by Pinnacle Airlines, parked in a remote area of the tarmac while investigators questioned the passenger.

Meanwhile, the other 43 people on board the plane were bussed to the terminal.

TSA officials said the luggage was not explosive.  Instead, what as found was described as, "some type of training device."  Officials said it was not dangerous.

According to the TSA, the bag will be shipped to its owner.  A Pinnacle Airlines spokesperson said the airline was cooperating with TSA.

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