Business, second church vandalized by suspects linked to church break-in

By Nick Kenney - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A second church and another business were vandalized by suspects linked to a recent church break-in.

The vandals smashed toilets and left graffiti on the walls of the Grey Road Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Nearly $5,000 worth of merchandise was stolen at the Pack Rat Thrift Store.

"Just starting out, been here three months," said the owner of Pack Rat Thrift Store.  "We're just basically breaking even the first three months."

Most of the merchandise stolen was CD's, DVD's and games, which is most of Pack Rat Thrift Store's business.

"Basically a pretty tough lick on somebody that's a small businessman," the owner said.

Police believe the suspects broke in through a hole in the wall.  The hole was created when they pushed out a window air conditioning unit.  When the unit fell, it crashed into a shelf and crushed the merchandise on display.

Larry Nelson is charged with the break-in, along with Jon Shempert and Alexander Wyatt, both 18, who were charged with breaking into and vandalizing the Grey Road Church of the Lord Jesus Christ and Graham Heights Baptist Church.

A crew of dozens spent Friday cleaning up Graham Heights Baptist Church.

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