Munford businesses still cleaning up after flooding

By Justin Hanson - bio | email

MUNFORD, TN (WMCT-TV) - One area of south Tipton County was hit hard by flood waters two weeks ago. But even as business owners continue to dry out, their spirits haven't dampened.

Pictures from two weeks ago show water up to the rooftops along Quinton Drive.  Today, dumpsters still line the street as businesses there continue the clean up.

"All the stuff looked like it'd been in a washing machine, water pushed it up and around and set it back down where it was," business owner Allen Brown said.

Brown runs Tipton Cares, a business that provides food and clothing to the needy.  A small sign inside says it best: Bless the Mess.

And what a mess he still has. After the flood, Brown was forced to relocate his office to a shed in the parking lot.

"In 2009 we helped over 9,000 people in Tipton County, and some of them have come back in the past two weeks to help us," he said.

Meanwhile, Phillip Proctor owns a cabinet shop along Quinton Drive.  Proctor said the eight feet of water that came into his building was the second flood he's suffered in the bast seven years.

"It was everything he had," Proctor said of his inventory.

Even though Proctor had flood insurance, he doesn't want to see water like this again.

"It literally picked everything up, like somebody ripped the top of the roof off, pulled it up, threw everything back down with a ton of mud," he said.

Brown said he is ready to move because of the recent floods.

"We're on a hill," he said. "We're moving to a hill."

Brown said his business will come back stronger and better despite the setback.

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