Lincoln, Halter campaign for votes in primary election

By Nick Kenney - bio | email

WEST MEMPHIS, AR (WMC-TV) - Voters in Arkansas could soon change the face of power in Washington.

U.S. Senate incumbent Blanche Lincoln made a stop in Marion, Arkansas on the eve of Super Tuesday, one of four stops in her "Standing Up for Arkansas Jobs" campaign tour.

"We're creating jobs and putting our economy back on track," Lincoln said.

Lincoln's opponent, Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter, started crossing the state Monday, making 20 stops in 25 hours on his "Working for Arkansas Tour," including West Memphis.

Meanwhile, the race is getting bitter, as Lincoln accuses her opponent of out-financing her with out-of-state money.

"To claim that it's outsiders, when in fact you look at her financial disclosures, the vast majority of her money is coming from outside of Arkansas," Halter said.

Halter said the longtime Senator panders to special interest groups, including questionable Wall Street firms.

"Now that we know the circumstances in terms of the suit that was filed, we gave the money to the Hunger Alliance," Lincoln said.

Halter says his opponent doesn't know where she stands.

"You go to the floor of the Senate and filibuster something you were initially for? I'd say that's waffling," Halter said.

Lincoln says she finds common ground, and she's being punished for it.

"They want to show that unless you're one hundred percent with them, they're going to come at you and that's what they've done to me," she said.

Whoever wins the Democratic primary goes up against one of eight Republican candidates. So far, Representative John Boozman appears to be the GOP favorite.

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