Grizzlies Ready for NBA Draft Lottery Tuesday

Instead of High Rolling it down to Tunica the Memphis Grizzlies will, once again, head to Secaucus, New Jersey to try their luck at that Wheel of Fortune known as the NBA Draft Lottery.

In their 14 years of existence the Grizzlies have been in the Lottery 10 times, save for that 3-year playoff stretch here in Memphis between 2005 and 2008.

The Grizz are currently slotted to pick 12th, out of the 14 teams in the Lottery..

Of course, making the lottery Payoff is a crapshoot at best, even IF they get a top pick..

Memphis has two OTHER picks LATE in the First Round, at 25 and 28..

It's there Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace says the team has its' eye on a pair of local products, Elliot Williams of the University of Memphis, and Terrico White of Ole Miss.

Williams prepped at St. George's High School.

White at Craigmont.

Wallace says the Draft Lottery is just the opening phase of the Off-Season.

He said Memphis could package one, two, or even all 3 of its' picks to trade for a Veteran...

Or use its' picks to move UP in the Draft..

Currently slotted 12th, the Grizz have a .7% chance of grabbing the Number One pick.

Depending on how the Ping Pong Balls fall, they could also fall back, but no farther than 14th.

The Grizzlies are hosting an NBA Draft Lottery Party Tuesday at the Jason's Deli Poplar and Highland...

The First 50 Fans dressed in Grizz Gear get a Free Meal.

Free Beer for Fans 21 and over!

The NBA Draft Lottery party runs from 6-to-8pm Tuesday at the Poplar and Highland Jason's Deli.