While Calipari Says No to Pros, Others Keep Fanning Job Hunt

Now, I've tried to REFRAIN from any John Calipari stories about his possible move back to the NBA..because, usually with Coach Cal, that's what they are, just stories..

But now, despite Cal's Tweets about wanting to stay at his "Dream Job, Kentucky.." his PEOPLE may be sending out vibes to the contrary.The Chicago Tribune is reporting Calipari Associate William Wesley, otherwise known as World Wide Wes, is working back channels to sell Calipari AND LeBron James as a Package to franchises such as the Bulls, Nets, and Clippers.

The Bulls have former Tigers Star Derrick Rose, whom Calipari recruited to Memphis.

Those teams have Coaching Vacancies and plenty of Salary Cap Room.

Wesley is purported to be the power broker behind Calipari's Top Notch Recruiting, AND his link to James, the NBA's 2-Time Most Valuable Player.

Calipari continues to DENY interest in any other jobs..

He says, teams always look for successful coaches, and he can't stop it if his name comes up.

Where have we heard THAT before?