5 Follow-Up: more outrage of DeSoto DUI dismissals

By Jason Miles - bio | email

"Where's the logic?" asks Maria Miller of Horn Lake.

Miller lost her daughter Carrie 11 years ago in a car crash involving a repeat DUI offender.

"A senseless damn death. And you know why? Because of judges like Karen Sanders," she said.

Miller was fired Tuesday up over a decision by Sanders to dismiss a number of DUI cases on a technicality.  The tickets had been written on old forms instead of new ones issued by the state last year.  However, the forms took months for DeSoto County deputies to receive.

"And I challenge her to meet with you and tell you exactly why she made this decision," Miller said.

It's a decision fellow DeSoto County Justice Court judge Ken Adams says he would never make.

"She's a hard worker and I'm sure she evaluated that based on her own perception and interpretation of the law and made her decision based on that," Adams said. "But I would have ruled differently."

Adams tells Action News 5 he understands why so many people are up in arms over the decision.

"The legislature, when they sit down in Jackson and make these laws, I truly don't think it's their intent to have these DUI cases to be dismissed just based on a paperwork error," he said.

Voters like Maria Miller promise to remember the decision come election time.

"It's inexcusable," Miller said.

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood advised police departments to use the old tickets until new ones arrived and said the cases were still prosecutable.

Judge Karen Sanders has yet to comment publicly on her decision to dismiss the cases.

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