No Movement for Grizzlies in NBA Draft Lottery

It was quick, impersonal, and to the point.

There's no time for woulda, coulda, shoulda's with the NBA Draft Lottery, and the 2010 version is no different.

The 14-teams that did NOT make the playoffs lined up at their desks at NBA Entertainment Headquarters in Secaucus New Jersey..

Among those on display, Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley, who's franchise has been in this position 10 times before..

And after all the Ping Pong Balls had dropped, it turns out the Grizzlies would end up right where they started the evening...12th.

They only had a .7% chance of getting the first pick.

Memphis fans attending the Grizzlies NBA Draft Lottery Party earlier at the Jason's Deli Poplar at Highland were jazzed as the proceedings were about to get underway...

But, when the moment came to move up, drop back, or stay put...the mood of the place was anticlimactic.

Like Grizzlies fans already knew the outcome BEFORE the balls dropped.

Many said it was what they expected.

The math just wasn't in the Grizzlies favor to move up.

There was no change in original position for Most teams in the Lottery..

But, the suspense DID build for the Final 3..

The Washington Wizards win the Number One Pick..

They were slotted 5th in the Draft.

The 6th seeded Sixers take home the Number 2 pick.

That means the New Jersey Nets, which had the NBA's Worst record with only 14 victories, get the Number-3 pick.