Tipton county clerk candidates claim signs are being stolen

By Justin Hanson - bio | email

TIPTON COUNTY, TN (WMC-TV) - Two candidates vying for Tipton County Court Clerk are frustrated because hundreds of their campaign signs are being stolen.

And because the election isn't until August, the candidates say they're spending unnecessary time and money to replace the signs.

Casey Fletcher says his campaign for Tipton County Clerk has been a tough one.

"If anybody's got a sign of mine that don't want it, they're welcome to call me, lay it down, and we'll be happy to come get it," he said. "That's not a problem"

The problem, Fletcher says, is that over 100 of his campaign signs have been stolen from places where he had permission to put them.

"Let the signs stay," he said. "Just because there's a sign in your yard doesn't mean you have to vote for that person."

Fletcher isn't the only candidate dealing with sign theft.

"They've been calling and also just been riding around as we're putting more signs out noticing that some were missing," candidate Darlene Wheeler said.

Wheeler claims about 100 of her signs have also come up missing.

She's planning to report the theft to police.

A third Court Clerk candidate, Mary Gaither, has also noticed her signs are missing, but doesn't believe anyone is stealing them.

"We feel like it's due to flooding," she said. "With the recent flooding, and the ones we've seen missing, we've replaced those."

Both Wheeler and Fletcher say the sign theft is very frustrating.

"You go out, talk to people, and develop a relationship with them, and ask it you can put up a sign, and then all of a sudden they come up missing," Wheeler said.

Officials say if someone is caught stealing the signs, they could spend up to a year in jail.

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