Memphis Heritage to fight proposed CVS location in Midtown

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Drugstore chain CVS Pharmacy wants to move into Midtown, and the company has its eye on the corner where Union Avenue Methodist Church sits now.

But Wednesday, Memphis Heritage executive director June West said she wants a sit-down with the church and site developers, and will fight to prevent CVS from taking over the Midtown church property.

"Our issue with Union Avenue Methodist Church is it would change the entire character of that corner," West said.

Membership at the church has dwindled and its congregation is merging with another church.

"We knew they were having difficulties repairing the structure, so we were obviously paying attention," West said.

West has fought hard to prevent Midtown demolition.  Before the construction of the Union Avenue Chik-Fil-A, she convinced builders to keep the facade on old Cumberland Presbyterian, which previously stood at that location.

West also put pressure Overton Square's developer, who eventually pulled out.

"Probably in a number of months they'll see a plan projected for Overton Square that the community will like," West said.

West says Memphis Heritage's goal is not to be obstructionist, the group feels a lot of history has been lost along the Union Avenue Corridor due to demolition.

"We know that there are interested parties in purchasing it that do not want to demo it," she said.

According to West, there are four parties interested, along with some collectively.

"One of the opportunities would be for one group to purchase it and other groups to rent," she said.

West is trying to convince CVS to look at other sites, but the other sites don't have as much traffic as the intersection of Union and Cooper.

The church and the developer, according to West, won't talks things out.  Wednesday, representatives at Union Avenue Methodist had no comment, while the developers of the CVS project did not return our calls.

Memphis Heritage is hosting an informational meeting next Thursday at their new office on Madison Avenue.

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