Bartlett man tries to rip out girlfriend's c-section stitches

Dennis Dickson (Source: Bartlett Police)
Dennis Dickson (Source: Bartlett Police)

BARTLETT, TN (WMC-TV) - A Mid-South man was in jail Wednesday, charged with chasing the mother of his children with a knife, burning her with a cigarette, and trying to rip out her stitches from a recent C-section.

On Autumn Hill Drive in Bartlett, longtime neighbors say the suspect, Dennis Dickson, is relatively new to the neighborhood.

"They've been living there two months," neighbor Frederick Cecil said. "Lot of traffic. Young people. But they move stuff constantly."

Wednesday, Bartlett Police said Dickson was charged with assaulting his girlfriend - the mother of his infant daughter and one-year-old son.

Dickson is accused of pushing the woman, with baby in her arms, into a parked car in the garage.  The baby allegedly hit her head on the way down. He's also accused of chasing the woman around the yard with a steak knife in hand.

Investigators say Dickson choked her, cut her arm, struck her in the stomach with his knee, burned her cheek with a lit cigarette, and tried to remove her abdominal stitches, left over from a recent c-section.

Twenty hours later, the woman showed up in the Bartlett Police Department's 24-hour lobby. Investigators say she had a cigarette burn mark on her cheek, and the gauze covering her c-section stitches was bloody.

Police said both babies showed signs of minor injuries.

Dickson's brother and sister were at the house at the time. They told police the mother and father were just "playing around" and "rough housing" when the mom was "accidentally injured."

They said both were pushing and shoving back and forth.  It ultimately ended when a neighbor ordered Dickson to drop the steak knife and separated the fighting couple.

The case against Dickson has been bound over to a Shelby County grand jury.

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