Parents of two children arrested for selling drugs

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NUTBUSH, TN (WMC-TV) - The parents of two young children were arrested Wednesday for selling drugs.

Matthew Burns and Heather Burdison were charged, but drugs were not the only thing officers found that caused concern.  Animal Control officers removed a pit bull and a snake that some neighbors described as nearly eight feet in length.

Neighbors on Weiner Road near Nutbush cannot stop talking about what happened.

"I'm not totally shocked," said Angela Askew.  "You see the traffic going in her house all the time."

Police raided the house from which Burns and Burdison are accused of selling prescription pills.  A police affidavit noted an extremely strong odor of urine inside.

In addition, two children, aged 10 and seven, were living in the house.

Neighbor Clint Raines said he had seen the couple's snake before.

"I had a picture of him," Raines said.  "He was wrapped.  I had it on my phone.  He's a good-sized snake."

Burdison allegedly told investigators that the snake becomes violent when it has not eaten.  She advised officers they, "don't fool with it."  She then told police it was normal for the kids to play with the snake outside of the aquarium.

"Very said when kids are involved," Askew said.

Investigators turned over the children to the Department of Children Services.

Police said Burns told them, "I've been praying for this to happen so I can get the kids away from Heather."

Police said Burdison told them, "I do sell pills sometimes, not a lot though.  Matt has sold some pills, too."

The parents are not charged with any crimes against the children.

The Department of Children Services turned over the children to one of Burns' relatives.

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