Shootout suspects' van possibly linked to white supremacist church

WEST MEMPHIS (WMC-TV) - An investigation of Ohio Public Records shows the van driven by suspects in the West Memphis shootout could be linked to a white supremacist group in Ohio.

New Vienna, Ohio was the home of the Jesus Christ Christian Church led by a self-proclaimed white supremacist.  The Aryan Nation church and its leader Ray Redfairn made headlines 13 years ago.  

The van involved in Thursday's shooting was registered to the House of God's Prayer at 143 West Main Street in New Vienna.  Clinton County, Ohio records show the New Vienna property owned by the Universal Life of the Good Shepherd Church.  It has an address 50 miles away in Middletown, Ohio.

Butler County records show the Middletown property owned by Hoge and Mary Tabor.  A man named Hoge Tabor from Ohio is mentioned in a book about the Aryan Nation.  Tabor told Action News 5 sister station WXIX-19 in Cincinnati on the phone that he owns the New Vienna property, but then hung up.

The van sat in a Walmart parking lot in West Memphis for the entire day and part of the night Thursday as officers continued to investigate the scene.

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