Ohio sheriff warned of West Memphis shooter's hatred

WEST MEMPHIS, AR (WMC-TV) - Long before a barrage of bullets ended his life in a Walmart parking lot, suspect Jerry Kane earned a reputation as a troublemaker with a deep resentment of authority.

"I felt he was a person looking for a confrontation years ago," said Clark County, Ohio Sheriff Gene Kelley.

He actually warned his officers six years ago to use extreme caution when dealing with Kane.

"He was a free man as he described it," said Kelley, "and he didn't need a driver's license or license plates, or to obey any laws other than his own."

Kane had several run-ins with the law in Ohio, including an incident in 2004 when police say he shot a 13-year-old boy from the front porch of his house.

That house was later demolished after complaints about animal odors.

"He and his boy would go back there like they were his best friends," said a neighbor.  "They were so nice to the dogs."

Sixteen-year-old Joseph Kane was remembered by his former neighbor as a nice kid and a former Boy Scout.  She also said he was badly brainwashed and, as a child, was never without his toy pistol.

Both father and son also attended a Mennonite church where they were often seen praying.

Sheriff Kelley is not happy that Jerry Kane is no longer a threat to any other officers.

"Well, certainly not this way," he says.

Jerry and Joseph Kane most recently lived in Clearwater, Florida.  Kane's widow, Donna Lee, said she planned to travel to West Memphis in order to claim their bodies.  She posted a note on their Florida home which read "NO VISITORS -- this means you!"

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