Rampage Jackson Returns to UFC

It wasn't that long ago that Memphian Quinton Rampage Jackson ruled the World in the Ultimate Fighting Championships..

He left over a presumed spat with the organizations' brass over his desire to pursue a Movie career.

Get ready to welcome him Back to the Octagon.

Jackson will be the Headline bout for UFC-114 coming up May 29th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

He'll fight Rashad Evans...

Both are former UFC Light Heavyweight Champions.

The winner will get the next title shot.

Jackson, who prepped at Raleigh Egypt, abruplty left UFC last year over reported objections by Organization Chief Dana White, to shoot the new A-Team Movie in which he plays the Mr. T. character B.A. Barracus.

It happened a couple of months before UFC 107 at FedExForum..which would've been Jackson's first sanctioned fight in his hometown.

On why Jackson would come back to UFC after so much friction?

Joe Fernandez, UFC Media Relations Director told me -quote-

"Rampage is still under contract with the UFC and he still wishes to fight. Simple as that." -end quote-.