West Memphis officers prepare for funerals of fallen comrades

WEST MEMPHIS, AR (WMC-TV) - When a police department loses an officer, fellow officers show their support by wearing their Class A uniforms to the memorial service.

Ann Chapman Outdoor Warehouse had its usual customers Saturday, but the circumstances were anything but commonplace.  This is where the West Memphis Police buy their uniforms.

This weekend, about 30 officers ordered new Class A uniforms to wear to the memorial of fallen officers Bill Evans and Sergeant Brandon Paudert.

Store owner Kelly Duncan has family and friends on the force.

"You have so much admiration and respect for what they've done and you're just thankful that you can just do something," Duncan said.

Duncan's seamstresses had already customized two new uniforms for Evans and Paudert in recent weeks.

"They were excited about it and they were both very nice," said seamstress Flora Bolton.

Hours after Thursday's deadly shootout, seamstresses Bolton and Lisa James began sewing a new set of dress uniforms for the two fallen officers.

"You just think about the families, their children," James said.  "For all the police officers."

"When you meet nice people, you know it," Bolton said.  "It hurts."

The officers began pouring in Friday to get new uniforms for Monday's ceremony.  They have to get patches, adjustments and the black ribbon that goes over the badge for fallen officers.

"It was sad seeing them because everyone is still in shock," James said.

James said Evans' son had also been in the store.

"I saw his son yesterday morning in here with his uncle and I had to look away," James said.  "It's sad."

The seamstresses will spend part of Sunday finishing their task.

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