Lafayette County Schools face cuts

By Daniel Hight - bio | email

LAFAYETTE CO., MS (WMC-TV) - The trend continues as another Mid-South school district has been forced to slash their budget.

Brandall Atkinson has four children in the Lafayette County School system.  She said she is worried the recent budget cuts are going to cost her kids a decent education.

"We don't have money to fund the teachers," Atkinson said.  "We don't have money to upgrade the technology.  We don't have funding in general and it's the kids who have to suffer for that."

Superintendent Mike Foster said they have cut expenses in areas like transportation and office supplies, but personnel also had to be let go.  He said they chose carefully.

"We've done everything we can to try to protect the academic end of it," Foster said.  "We looked at some of the activities they had and we will provide a good education for them."

Foster said because of falling tax revenues over the last two years, the budget had to be trimmed by about $3 million.  That is about 23 percent of the total budget and the reason why 24 jobs disappeared.

Foster said he will do everything within his power to make the students education as good as possible.  He said budget cuts and layoffs are not going to give the school district a failing grade.

"We've been known to have a good school district," Foster said.  "I don't think that will change one bit."

All personnel who were cut were able to complete the school year.

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