Crittenden Co. Sheriff talks about surviving the shootout

By Lori Brown - bio | email

WEST MEMPHIS, AR (WMC-TV) - Crittenden County Sheriff Dick Busby pointed out his bullet wound Sunday, just a mere three days after surviving the deadly shootout in West Memphis, Arkansas.

After the shooting deaths of Officer Bill Evans and Sergeant Brandon Paudert, the Sheriff himself along with Chief Deputy W. A. Wren decided to join the search for the suspects.

"Wren came by my door and said come on," Busby said.  "I said okay. I just went and jumped in the car with him, and we went looking for the van....We didn't want him to get away."

Busby and Wren got word that suspects, who turned out to be Jerry Kane and his 16 year old son Joe Kane were in this Wal Mart parking lot in a white van.

"You've heard an old saying we was the first ones there. We was the first ones there....We pulled up in front of them got out of the car, and that's when the trouble started.  When we got out of the car. The driver stepped out with a high powered rifle. Blasting away so we jumped back in the car."

While Wren was able to fire back, Busby didn't even have his gun.  It was in his car back at the station.

"I missed it, I sure did....He was steady shooting with that automatic weapon."

When asked if he thought he was going to die right there, the Sheriff responded, "I did. That's exactly what I thought. An awful way to end your retirement."

Sheriff Busby was hit once in his arm. Wren was hit four times in his stomach.

In exclusive Chopper 5 video you can see the injured Busby and Wren trying to shelter themselves behind Wren's car.

"I didn't know when he was hit, I didn't know he was until we got to the back of the car, we jumped out, went to the back of the car, and he told me, I'm hit, I'm hurt."

"I was loosing a lot of blood, I was getting a little worried about that. "

Then Arkansas Fish and Game Wildlife Officer Michael Neal saved the day.

"I'm proud of him. I told him I was."

Here you can see Neal backing up after ramming into the Kane's van.

"I think he stopped it all, I really do. He took and awful chance, with his own life. But that's his job."

Busby said he thanked him personally.

"I told him I felt like he saved my and Wren's life...."He said, 'Oh, I was just doing my job'."

Busby also risked his life that Thursday, in hopes of keeping these two from killing anyone else.

"It's our responsibility and our job, it's what they pay us for."

Wren was in critical condition Sunday, but Busby said he is expected to make a full recovery.

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