School board member questions speed of superintendent search

Memphis City Schools officials moved ahead today in the search for a new school superintendent.

Attention this afternoon focused on deciding which company or search firm will actually find the candidate to replace Memphis City Schools Superintendent Johnny Watson.

Four firms made Friday's deadline to bid on the contract.

Watson announced in January he will retire at the end of this year.

It took two months for the board to form a committee to search for his replacement.

Board member Deni Hirsh says she is a little disappointed it's taken the committee this long to get to this stage.

However others, like committee chairman Michael Hooks, Junior maintains it's best to move slow than to make a rushed decision about a new superintendent.

"The superintendent search is going to be a difficult task, but we're up to the challenge. We are going to take the process slow and be exact about every move we make."

Here's what's next in the search: Tomorrow the committee will review and rank bids made by the 4-firms seeking the contract.

By Thursday, the rankings will be in the hands of board members. Board members will review the rankings and will likely vote on a search firm at Monday's board meeting.

The goal now is to have a new superintendent selected 90 days later.