Collierville man's laugh changes his life

COLLIERVILLE, TN (WMC-TV) - A Mid-South man continues to receive national attention - for his laugh.

Infectious laughter is Doug Collins claim to fame. It all started several years ago, after his posted a video on YouTube of Collins laughing on stage at a comedy theater.

"They told me I stole the show," he said. "Apparently, I did!"
Collins' unique laugh has gotten millions of viewer hits on YouTube, as well as the website he created,

"It's getting a lot. It's almost 20 million now, and it hadn't let up hardly," he said.

Collins, a bus driver for Shelby County Schools, says his laugh has changed his life.  He's featured a new documentary on contagious laughter called "Laughology", as well as a new iPhone app.

Collins says it all still seems like a dream.

"I just hope my Laughman takes off real good," he said. "I'm counting on that in my golden years.

Collins hopes to be able to give up bus driving one day so he can spend more time laughing.

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