Dozens of animals at Mid-South shelter in danger of being euthanized

By Janice Broach - bio | email

MARION, AR (WMC-TV) - A Mid-South animal shelter is close to euthanizing dozens of dogs as a solution to overcrowding.

The Marion Animal Shelter was almost forced to start euthanizing the dogs and cats Wednesday, but a rescue group took several dogs and are coming back for more.

Tracie Benetz, a volunteer at the shelter, said they are doing what they can to find homes for the animals.

"There's no more space," Benetz said.  "This has become an overcrowding issue."

The shelter is set up for 20 animals.  There are 50 animals there now.

Benetz and her family are fostering Sasha, one of the dogs in danger of being euthanized.  

Benetz said the shelter needs people to foster the animals for about two weeks.  It helps socialize the animals so they can be adopted or travel to rescue groups around the country.

If you would like to help, call the Marion Animal Shelter at (870) 739-5412.

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