Andy's Rest. Scorecard: Flight, plus scores as of 5/16/10

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MEMPHIS (WMC TV) - THIS WEEK'S BIG TIP:  Flight, 39 S. Main St., Downtown Memphis, 901-521-8005,

At Flight, service comes first.

Then the food comes --  in threes!

The meals are served as "flights" -- three mini-helpings of three signature dishes. Order a seafood flight, steak flight, game flight...or mix it up!

"I like how you don't have to eat just one thing," said Jami Dickens of Collierville, TN. "You get to eat seafood and steak and chicken, all at one time, and you're not limited. You get a lot of different choices, and I like that."

"I love the small servings because you can taste a little bit of everything," said Nancy Binkley of East Memphis.

Flight's Scott Plaisted said the concept of "flight" meals comes from the side-menus of New York and New Orleans restaurants, where they offer customers the option of pairing up small portions of different dishes.

"But we are the only restaurant in the country that does it restaurant-wide," Plaisted said, "everything from our wine flights and perfect pairings with all of our entrees to our 15 different entrée courses and special dessert flights that titillate and delight as well."

Every week, Flight serves a special flight like the Bermuda Triangle, which is actually a delicious rectangle of specially-prepared scallops, tuna and lobster -- each with its own spices, sauces and vegetable side.

"We like the atmosphere, too," added Dickens. "I think it's a little classier, without being snotty!"

WHAT ANDY LIKES:  Fresh-Fish Flight, Cheesecake Flight, Mix-and-Match Choices, Wine & Beer Selection.

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