Horn Lake runaway offers warning for others considering leaving home

Jo Randle
Jo Randle

By Chip Washington - bio | email

HORN LAKE, MS (WMC-TV) - A 15-year-old Horn Lake runaway returned home Friday and had a message to others who may be considering running away from home.

Jo Randle's mother, Jessie, said Memphis police called her Thursday night after a report about Jo aired on Action News 5 at 10pm.

"It wasn't 15-20 minutes later that the police called me and said they had Joey, and I honestly believe if they hadn't ran that story, we wouldn't have got that call," Jessie Randle said.

Randle said Jo was found walking by a passerby who had just seen her on the news. The person took her to a nearby gas station at Winchester and Hermitage and called the police.

But why did she leave in the first place?

"(I was) Locked down, always grounded, always in trouble, and I just got tired of people telling me what to do, and up and left," Jo Randle said.

Jo wandered the streets, staying with strangers, and learning a hard lesson about life.

"It's really hard being in the streets, and I had to learn that the hard way, and it was really hard," she said.

Jo shared no details regarding specific things that happened to her, but had a message for others.

"If you have to, go to a friends house or talk to somebody about it, because running away is not going help you, and your going have to turn back someday, because your going to realize somebody loves you," she said.

According to Horn Lake police, there have been approximately 400 runaways in Horn Lake since 2005.  Most, however, returned after a short period of time.

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