Forrest City, AR mayor investigating mauling at animal shelter

By Janice Broach - bio | email

FORREST CITY, AR (WMC-TV) - Authorities in Forrest City, Arkansas are investigating an animal shelter after the mauling of a dog was caught on camera over the weekend.

A video posted on YouTube shows bleeding dogs after a fight in an outside area at the Forrest City Animal Shelter.  The dogs had been fighting over a female in another fenced area next to the one the male dogs were in.

Forrest City Mayor Gordon McCoy said one dog was mauled to death.

"They were competing over the female dog which was in heat," McCoy said.  "I have an investigation going on within the scuffle.  All the other dogs turned on one particular dog and they mauled him ... to death and unfortunately suffered some injuries he passed form."

The video shows volunteers locating a severely injured dog.  They could not save the dog.

McCoy said the shelter employees did not realize the female was in heat.  He said there needs to be more training.

"Now we're going to fix it," McCoy said.  "We did wrong here, our guys.  There was an oversight on our part and now we have to insure it doesn't happen again."

Ruth Ann Brown with the St. Francis County Humane Society said she doubts much will change.

"The problem is there is a lack of leadership and supervision all the way up the line to the mayor," Brown said.

Bowan said the shelter has made improvements and McCoy has hired a third employee.

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