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Before The Storm Hits Checklist


  • Don't wait until after a disaster to check your insurance policy - now is the time to prepare.
  • Review insurance coverage with your agent. Know your policy's deductibles and how your   police handles property that is damaged or destroyed.
  • Ask your agent about ways to reduce chances of loss or damage, such as installing hurricane shutters.
  • Keep your household inventory up to date and store it in a safe place away from your home.
  • Costal residents may need several insurance policies to protect their homes and property from all types of damage.
  • Purchase wind/hail coverage (if not included with your policy). There is a 15-day waiting period for coverage to take effect.
  • Purchase flood insurance. There is a 30-day waiting period for coverage to take effect. Flood insurances is not part of most homeowners, mobile home, or renters insurance policies.
  • You cannot buy homeowners/renters insurance after a hurricane watch or warning has been issued.
  • If you evacuate, carry your agent's name and phone number, policy number, and insurance company's claims phone number with you.
  • If you have pets, make arrangements now to stay with pet-friendly relatives or friends in case of an evacuation:
    • Put kennel/crate together as a trial, then store and transport
    • Allow your pet to become familiar with the kennel/crate at home before a disaster.
    • Plastic grocery bags make pet clean up easier.
    • Dry pet food is easier to transport and use than canned food.

    *** If you are a Charleston County resident, have an animal to evacuate with you  and do not have transportation, contact the Charleston County Citizen's Public Information Line at (843) 202-7100* and a vehicle will be dispatched to transport you and your pet(s) to the evacuation animal shelter.  Bring all items on the equipment checklist with you.

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