Hotel worker recalls discovering body under bed

By Kontji Anthony - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A former employee of the Budget Lodge on Brooks Road said he quit after making a traumatizing discovery.

Last March, the man, who asked not to be identified, stopped by room 222 to talk with a family that had been staying there for a month.  The body of Sony Millbrook, a missing mother of five, was under the bed.

"I seriously almost passed out," he said.  "The smell that came out, I can't understand how no one would notice that.  I did and I was there for only 30 seconds talking to him through the door.  I never even went in the room."

Millbrook and the father of four of her five children, LaKeith Moody, had stayed in the room six weeks earlier at the time of the discovery.  Five families had rented the room since.

"I said to the management, 'that room really stinks,'" he said.  "It smells like something died in there."

When the fifth renter left, the witness asked the head housekeep to turn the room upside down to find the source of the smell.

"He goes, 'OK, stand right there where you are and you tell me what you think,'" he said, "and he lifted the box spring and she was lying there."

The witness immediately recognized Millbrook.  He said he remembered Moody throwing things at her and screaming at her on two occasions.

"He was basically belittling her in front of the children," he said.  "She was up on the balcony and he was out in the parking lot just yelling and screaming.  A lot of profanity."

The witness said the discovery left him speechless.

"We closed the door and we probably stood there on the balcony outside the door probably three or four minutes and we didn't say anything to each other," the witness said.

He said he did not notice any obvious injuries.

"She had begun to decay from what I could tell," he said.  "There were like gray and black marks on her body."

The witness said he came forward because he thought the family deserved more information and hopefully more closure.

Moody is a person of interest in the case.  He is in jail on an unrelated gun possession warrant.

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