Wynne, AR church congregations remember Lillian Wilson

By Ben Watson - bio | email

WYNNE, AR (WMC-TV) - On the first Sunday since Lillian Wilson's murder, Wynne First United Methodist and many other congregations across Wynne, Arkansas said prayers for Wilson and reflected on her impact on their lives.

"Lil and I were in high school together a long time ago and the effect she has on our lives will live on," said church member Kathy Hagler.

Wilson was beaten to death with a cross last Sunday at Central Methodist Church.  Pastor Ed Wyres of First United Methodist said Wilson was a frequent visitor and member of his congregation's women's group.

"Every time she was in the church building she would always come down to my office and have something to say," Wyres said.  "I really appreciated her because she would come in and let her presence be known and we really loved her."

Those who knew Wilson are still shocked by her tragic death.

"I think it affected everybody in town and the communities around here," Wyres said.  "We don't really expect that kind of thing to happen in a small area."

Church members said they are leaning on their faith to see them through the tragedy.

"Lil also had that same faith, she went into that same church," Hagler said.  "She was not afraid."

"Turn to faith anytime when we have a sense of grief, a sense of loss," Wyres said.  "We have to depend on our faith to get us through."

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