Suspected bank robber claimed son needs a transplant during heist

By Jason Miles - bio | email

MARION, AR (WMC-TV) - A security guard was on duty at the Regions Bank  in Marion the day after it was robbed by a suspect who explained to the teller in a note why he needed quick cash.

"That he had a son that was sick and needed a transplant," said Detective Freddy Williams of the Marion Police Department. "And that he's willing to do anything for his son."

The robber failed to mention what type of transplant his son needed.  However, he did get away with an undisclosed amount of money after spending several minutes inside the bank.

"In fact, he even talked to one of the employees about opening an account," Williams said.

At this point, police have no reason to dismiss the suspect's sob story given his unprofessional behavior.  His behavior was atypical of a seasoned robber.

"Didn't have anything over his face, his eyes - nothing," Williams said.

But this potentially desperate dad gets little sympathy from other customers.

"Everybody's going through a rough time right now," said customer Pearl Clay. "You've got to go and try and find a job the best you can, not rob banks."

Police say the suspect threatened to shoot if the teller did not cooperate.  However, no one actually saw a gun.  They're hopeful someone recognizes the robber and identifies him to them.

The suspect was last seen driving a red Dodge Ram pickup truck.  Call Marion Police at 870-739-2101 with any information.

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