Judgement closes down controversial Beale Street club

By Nick Kenney - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) -  A controversial Beale Street night club is gone for good.  A consent judgement filed Wednesday in Shelby County Chancery Court orders the Plush Club to vacate its premises immediately, closing it down forever.

Earlier this year, the landlord of the building at 380 Beale, George Miller, filed civil suit against the owner of the Plush Club, Kris Perkins.

Miller claimed Perkins owed him $76056.44 in back rent and damages.

"He wants to stay but he don't want to pay," Miller said after a hearing Tuesday.

Then, the Shelby County District Attorney's office temporarily boarded up The Plush Club behind the power of a nuisance action, which claimed the club was dangerous and a blight to the rest of Beale Street.

It was a claim Perkins' attorney, Edward Bearman, strongly denied.

"I think if you pull the crime stats from Beale Street, you'll see that the Plush Club has no more activity in front of it that any other corner on Beale Street," Bearman said.

But before the nuisance action could be settled, both sides agreed to a consent judgement that orders the Plush Club to immediately vacate the premises.

The judgement returns control of 380 Beale Street to George Miller.  It specifies that Perkins will be allowed to remove sound and lighting equipment, as well as other personal items, but only after the nuisance action is settled in environmental court.

The Plush Club returns to environmental court on June 30. Depending on what happens then, Miller may be able to find a new tenant for his building.  Meanwhile, Perkins may be able to open another club elsewhere.

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