West Tennessee Drug Task Force shuts down popular Cordova bar

By Janice Broach - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - The West Tennessee Drug Task Force shut down a popular Cordova bar Thursday night, declaring Fox and Hound a public nuisance.

Shocked customers showed up at Fox and Hound in Cordova expecting to watch basketball.

"I was coming to watch the Lakers game and I see the police up here," Richard Coleman said.

Officers with the West Tennessee Drug Task Force padlocked the front door and placed signs announcing the closure to anyone showing up.  David Iytal of the West Tennessee Drug Task Force said widespread sale of illegal drugs by employees and customers was the reason for the closure.

"A number of drugs were being sold," Iytal said, "from marijuana to cocaine to Lortab, OxyContin and steroids."

Mike Moore said he came to Fox and Hound at least three times a week.

"I'm completely shocked," Moore said.  "I didn't realize this was going on.  I'm completely surprised."

Bartender and waitress Amber Watts has worked at Fox and Hound in Cordova for a year.  She said she has never seen any drug sales.

"I just got here and now all they're telling me is that I can't go in and I can't talk to anybody here," Watts said.

The people who run the national chain of Fox and Hound found out the doors were going to be locked 30 minutes before it happened.  District Attorney Bill Gibbons said they were shocked.

The undercover investigation started a year ago when agents arrested two people who were supplying drugs to employees.  Agents then started coming into Fox and Hound.

"A number of purchases were made of illegal drugs from employees at the establishment by the undercover officers," Gibbons said.  "In addition to that, the undercover officers came to this location as patrons, and in that capacity, observed drug sales as well as agreements to see drugs in the future and drug use.

Gibbons said the drug sales put nearby businesses and customers in jeopardy.  He said he hopes this Fox and Hound can reopen soon but wants all new employees.  There are warrants out for the arrest of employees suspected of selling drugs.

The closure only affects the Fox and Hound in Cordova, not the location in East Memphis.

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