Cordova residents react to Fox and Hound bust

By Kontji Anthony - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - The name of a second popular pub is surfacing in a drug sting that shut down the Cordova Fox and Hound location.

After District Attorney Bill Gibbons padlocked Cordova's Fox and Hound pub Thursday, the red tape around a sign reading, "closed by court order," was still in place Saturday.

"It's not good," said Cordova resident Laura Flaniken, "and if that was what was going on, they needed to shut it down for sure."

Gibbons' public nuisance petition painted the pub as an illegal drug den for Lortab, marijuana, steroids and Xanax.  The nuisance petition showed that five times undercover agents bought drugs from employees with nicknames like Hambone, Rock and Junior.  The agents would meet at the bar and buy drugs there or in the parking lot.

Agents also said employees, from management to waitresses, were under the influence of drugs at work.

"It's kind of sad because it brings the property value in your neighborhood down," said Cordova resident Marilyn Germany.

While the District Attorney closed Fox and Hound as a nuisance, an affidavit said they arrested a dealer linked to the case who was selling pubs at another pub down the street.

Hours after the Fox and Hound bust, an informant bought $200 in Anabolic steroid pills and injectables from Heath Baldwin at T.J. Mulligans on Houston Levee.

Cordova resident Gene Mansour was shocked because the sting actually diverted him to T.J. Mulligan's.

"I was supposed to meet a friend at the Fox and Hound that particular night," Mansour said, "and he got there first and said there are about five or six cop cars here."

T.J. Mulligan's had no comment.  On Facebook, Fox and Hound posted, "we anticipate opening for business on Monday."  That depends on the outcome of a court hearing Monday.

Neighbors said they want Fox and Hound to clean up its act and reopen to keep money flowing in Cordova.

"People make mistakes," Flaniken said.  "Give them another chance."

"Let's hope the establishment of franchise of Fox and Hound resolve their issues and possibly reopen," Mansour said.

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