Ask Andy: Clean your credit

By Andy Wise - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - With tax season behind, now may be the perfect time to check your credit report.

Your credit report is not just used to get you a loan or a new credit card.  Landlords use it to see if you will be a good tenant by seeing if you pay your bills on time.

In an increasingly tough job market, employers in some fields are using credit reports to determine whether you would be a good hire.

Websites such as, part of the fair credit reporting act, guarantee consumers access to free credit reports from each of the three major nationwide credit reporting companies at least once a year.

If you request your report online, you will get it immediately, pending proper identification.  Requests by phone or by mail are processed within 15 days.

Check for any errors and get them corrected as soon as you can.

A regular credit check is not just a way to get your finances in order.  It is also a way to make sure you have not been the victim of identity theft.  Be on the lookout for accounts you did not open that could have been opened by scammers in your name.

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