UPDATE: Dog dies days after being left inside hot car

By Janice Broach - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Animal rescuers tell Action News 5 a dog that was left inside a hot car for hours over the weekend died late Monday night.

Monday evening, Coco, a one-year-old pit pull, passed away after spending the day receiving IV's and emergency care.

"We're attempting to save her life," said Clarita Atkinson, an administrator at the Animal Emergency Center on Summer Avenue. "If there is a point her blood work is not looking good, and that's not possible, then we will have to euthanize her."

Gregory Fisher and Amanda Lillard are behind bars charged with animal cruelty, after Coco sat in a hot car for hours on Saturday.

According to a police report, Fisher and a friend left the dog in a car and went inside a plasma center. They stayed inside for four hours. When they came out, the dog was unresponsive.

As the pair drove off with Coco almost dead in the backseat police, with Lillard at the wheel, police pulled them over for having no tail lights on their vehicle. It was then that officers saw the dog in the back seat.

Officers cooled the animal off and brought her to the Animal Emergency Center on Summer Avenue.  Atkinson said Coco was in such bad shape they considered euthanizing her.

Gregory Fisher listed an apartment in Robinsonville as his address.  Monday, no one answered the door there.  Fisher told police the dog belonged to him.  Neighbors we spoke to said they do not remember him having a dog, but added they don't really know Fisher.

Animal experts say pets are affected by the heat just like humans.  Officials are still not clear why the dog was left in the car for so long.

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