Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Orange Mound clean-up

By Anna Marie Hartman - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Ignoring the heat, volunteers in Orange Mound spent Wednesday cleaning up, part of an ongoing effort aimed at Taking Back Our Neighborhoods.

Representatives of Orange Mound Outreach Ministries spent the day in the thick of their "I Love Orange Mound" summer clean up.

"Just doing anything to beautify the neighborhood to send a message out to the neighborhood that, you know, it's about love," the Rev. Reggie Tucker said.

The to do list is a long one, and includes cutting down overgrown trees and trimming weeds.

Church members like Carolyn Priest of Bartlett Baptist Church consider the challenges in Orange Mound as real as their own.

"We want to give no matter where we are, and it gives our kids an great opportunity to give outside their comfort zone, and they love it," Priest said.

Orange Mound resident Flora Robertson was thankful for the fresh coat of paint her home received.

"It sure makes me feel good," she laughed.

Meanwhile, workers said cleaning up properties where no one lives is just as important.  For instance, trees surrounding abandoned home were cut down, because they make it harder for neighbors to see possible crimes being committed.

Volunteers like Roy Campbell of Icon Ministries said they couldn't let the rising temperatures keep them from addressing the needs in Orange Mound.

"I think Orange Mound is on its way back to becoming a great community, as it once was in the early days," he said.

The cleanup continues all summer long. The group will take a break Sunday to celebrate their accomplishments with a block party.

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