Thieves smash into Cordova stereo shop...again

By Anna Marie Hartman - bio | email

CORDOVA, TN (WMC-TV) - The Stereo One store in Cordova isn't supposed to have a drive through, and the crooks who smashed through the side of the building Thursday morning didn't pay their tab.

"If you look at the shelves, wherever there's a gap on the shelves, that was video equipment," Manager Henry Eldridge said.

Eldridge said the alarm at his Cordova store, located on Germantown Parkway, went off just before 4:00 a.m.

"That's a call you don't enjoy getting first thing in the morning," he quipped.

By the time police, arrived criminals who had driven in, had made off with DVD players, satellite radio, amplifiers and television sets.

"Some of the biggest things we noticed missing were our in-dash navigation units," Eldridge said. "Average retail was about $1,400."

For Eldridge, it was a mess that was all too familiar.

"They drove through the entire front frame of the store before," he said. "We put poles up, but this time they drove through another side pane, which is more narrow."

But among the debris and rubble left behind by the smash-and-grab, the burglars left a clue.
Also this time, while the staff was sifting through the rubble, they discovered burglars left a calling card.

"We saw this one decal that said Silverado, so it's a Chevy Silverado," Eldridge said.

The manger hopes police can recover at least some of the stolen goods, which could be worth up to $40,000 at wholesale.

"They got a lot of our major top sellers, things that are easily sold on the streets," he said.

Add there's no telling what it will cost to put the store back together again.

"There's a lot of damage - a big hole in the store.  So we're having a Stereo One break-in sale.  Again," Eldridge said.

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