New Mississippi law requires prescription for certain over-the-counter drugs

By Chip Washington - bio | email

HERNANDO, MS (WMC-TV) - North Mississippi investigators are getting a big boost from lawmakers to crack down on meth labs thanks to a new law.

Law enforcement agencies hope that the new law signed by Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour regarding prescription medications will help curb the meth lab epidemic.

The new Mississippi law requires a prescription to purchase certain over-the-counter medications.

DeSoto County Sheriff Bill Rasco said it was not a cure all, but it is a good start in battling the growing crystal meth lab problem.

"Talking about meth labs, we just busted on yesterday," Rasco said.

The law pertains to any medication containing psuedoephedrine, which is a key ingredient in methamphetamine.  This includes many of the familiar brand name drugs.

At Fred's Dollar Store in Hernando, long time pharmacist Frank Canada said the new law will be an inconvenience for customers.

"Now they'll have to go to the physician every two to three months and get a prescription for it," said Canada, "and it will cost them a little more because they'll have to pay for an office visit."

Rasco said the benefits far outweigh the concerns.

"I think they will when they see the decrease in crystal meth labs that we're finding will make a difference," Rasco said.

Mississippi joins Oregon as the only other state with the law.

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