Woman happy to have abandoned lot cleaned up

By Kontji Anthony - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - DeLois Casey has been trying to get a lot in the Davidson subdivision near Orange Mound declared a nuisance since 1965.

Casey got so fed up, she called Action News 5 last week, and three days later, the house was boarded up.

"Channel 5 responded right away and we really appreciate what they've done," Casey gushed.

It took several people to carry out the effort.  After Action News 5's Justin Hanson reported on this public nuisance Friday, Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin went into action.

"He contacted us at Organized Crime and wanted something done about it and that's exactly what we did," explained Colonel A.C. Knight of the Memphis Police Organized Crime Unit.

The unit then got permission from Environmental Court Judge Larry Potter to declare the house a nuisance.

"The place was wide open.  Not just your drug users and peddlers, five and six-year-olds that play in the neighborhood, they're going to go inside the house.  What kid wouldn't?" Knight questioned.

Sunday, officers boarded the house with broken glass inside, rotted out wood and filthy clothing.

By 7:30 Monday morning Public Works Director Dwan Gilliom sent in his crew to clean up.

"We're cleaning up boards, clothing that were inside the house that people have gone through and scattered it through the yard, buckets, just trash," said Knight.

Casey hopes, with these wooden boards, the rats, roaches and drug users will keep out.

"We appreciate you all responding so quickly to our request because code enforcement hadn't done anything," she said.

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