Seven schools fail siren tests

To EMA officials Friday,  this, 

was music to their ears.  This is the control center where the testing is done. During a series of tests around Shelby County, they found that 140 of 147 sirens in the county are working.
"Its important to test them because we wanna make sure they are working."  That's a good thing, because as they found seven of those sirens are not working.  
Sirens at these locations are broken. Ford Road Elementary, Sheffield High School,  Buckeye Technologies, Coleman Elementary, Hollywood Elementary,  Coro Lake School and the Fogelman Building on Poplar in East Memphis.  
This week was a grim reminder of how critical the sirens are, 11 people killed by Sunday's tornado in Jackson Tennessee. Sirens give what little warning a tornado will allow.   So when you hear this, 
It means this,  
"If the sirens go of there are conditions favorable for a Tornado in Shelby County. " Or,  as the National Weather service call it, a Tornado Warning,  and you should do this. 
"Turn your TV to channel five and watch the news. That's what we want them to do, because the media is gonna have all the answers." Or, at least the information you need to keep your family safe.