School board talks about the boundaries in student teacher relationships

There are plenty of rules on the Memphis City Schools Website, is there one that limits the extent of student teacher relationships? 

"There is no policy in place" 
"There are very specific policies in place" 
"I assumed there was a policy that governs what goes on during outside school hours but obviously one does not occur."  It appears School Board member Wanda Halbert, Human Resources Director Dr. Inetta Rogers, Communications director Debbie Baker have differing opinions but they are all correct. Teachers are expected to behave appropriately toward students.  
'Behavior that would be classified as sexual harrassment"  But there is no specific policy regarding teacher student relationships outside the classroom. And there's a reason for that.  
"Because its important that teachers do have certain relationships with students a lot of our students are missing a lot of things from the home that teachers can provide for them"  Still as chair of the school policy committee Wanda Halbert thinks the current policy needs fine tuning. 
"There needs to be some type of clear defined policy in place that gives the principals some type of guideline."  And Halbert plans to make that suggestion to the school board as soon as possible.